Camstudio V2.7 Support Page

A software that can record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files.

Installation Instruction:

Place DVD in your optical drive.  Wait for AUTORUN feature to start. Choose to browse the files on disc.

If there is no AUTORUN after 10 seconds, please go to "My Computer" , browse to your CD/DVD Drive. You should find installation files under "windows" folder.

For CamStudio v2.7, you also need to install "Microsoft Visual c++ 2010 runtime library".  This normally taken cared by the installation program. However in some cases that user experiencing problem to launch Camstudio after installation. Please download Microsoft Visual package and reinstall it again.

You can also download the version from microsoft directly.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Re-distributable Package (x32) is required to run CamStudio


Choice of codec

After install Camstudio, there are only few video compressor supported.

Camstudio Video options


Because the native limitation of “Microsoft Video 1” that

To add support for extra video codec, you can find more codec on the disc where “codec” folder.

Double click on the “Xvid-1.3.2-20110601.exe” to install Xvid codec.

You should follow through with the setup process .

Xvid videco codec setup

After completing the installation of “Xvid codec”. Let’s go back to Camstudio Video Options. You should see “Xvid MPEG-4 Codec”   listed under the drop menu.


Xvid MEPG4 codec configuration


Now we need to configure the Xvid MPEG-4 Codec.

Depend on what you are recording, there are already pre-set profiles for you to choose from.


Xvid MEPG4 codec configuration


For more information on how to customize xvid settings instead of using pre-set profile. Please visit this page to learn more.

Here’s another article talking about these settings with Xvid and why it is a far superior than the default codec of “Microsoft Video 1”.


There are other settings will help CamStudio work with Xvid codec better. Please go to “Other Options”


Xvid MEPG4 codec configuration

Xvid MEPG4 codec configuration


Please un-tick the “Display encoding status”


Xvid MEPG4 codec configuration


The build-in video player come with Camstudio doesn’t support xvid mpeg4 format.

However the CamStudio default setting will always load the video file after recording stop.

We can stop this behavior by changing the setting under “Options” – “Program Options” – “Play AVI when recording stops” to “Do not play AVI file”.

You can pay the video file with your favourite player for example “Windows Media Player” or “VLC media player”.

Camstudio program options


Video Tutorial:

Other Supporting Documents: