How to add new product in uniCenta POS system?


Here is the start screen of uniCenta oPOS

unicenta start screen


Click on Administrator to login with it.


You can see you have login with Administrator at the bottom right corner.

Click on the blue arror at the left side of the screen to bring up the sidebar menu.

You will see the screen as below.



Click on the “Stock” menu in the Administration task group which you can find on the left hand side.

Birng up the Stock managment feature page as below



Click on the “Products” button to see the products list.




In this window you can see different components.

You can navigate through the product list by selecting items in area 1.

You can also use navigation menu in area 3 to brown through product list, add, delete and search products.

The information related to the product will be display in area 2.

When you creat new products, you will be focusing on area 2 for entering infomation related to the product.



To create new record, click on the add icon. image


You will also notice that its showing you are entering (New Reocrd).


The value entered in the Barcode field is used to search Products when using the barcode reader.
You must set the Buy Price and the Sell Price. Either enter a Sell Price, with or without taxes included, or edit the
desired percent Margin Per Unit.

Note: Every Product must belong to a Category and must have a Tax band set.

If desired, you can Add a picture for each Product editing the Image field. . To do this: Select the folder button; then
Browse your files and select the desired image.

Select the Stock tab if you want to edit the Stock Cost by Year and Stock Volume values for report purposes.

In the Properties tab you can decide if the product will be visible in the Catalog panel of the Sales panel an whether it
is an Auxiliary Product and if it is a Product which will be sold by weight.


After entering all data for the new product, click on the save icon to save it. image