Thunderbird – Setup Gmail support and Google calendar with Thunderbird

This tutorial will show you How to configure Thunderbird’s calendar feature (Lighting Plugin) to connect to your Google Calendar.

Before you follow this tutorial. Please make sure you have install Lighting Plugin for Thunderbird.  If you haven’t done that. Please refer to this tutorial.


Step 1. Start Thunderbird and switch to calendar view.

Right click below the Clendar area. You should see a menu come up as following screen shot.

Choose “New Calendar”


Step 2.  Choose “on the network” and click Next.


Step 3. Now we have to find you Google Calendar’s address.

Please open a browser (either Internet Explore or Firefox).

Now we have to login to your Google Calendar page.

Make sure you have select the calendar that you want to connect to.

Click on the triangle to show a drop-down menu as following screen shot.

Click “Calendar settings” which will bring you to next Step.



Step 4.  Now we have to find the “Private Address” for your Google Calendar.

This Private Address allow Thunderbird access to your Calendar with “read & write” privilege.

Scroll down to “Private Address” section,  Right click on “iCal” and choose “Copy Link Location”


Step 5.  Switch back to Thunderbird. Now you should see a window asking for your iCalendar location.

Paste the copied address to the Location box.



Step 6. Make sure that your address are paste into the Location box as below.

Click Next.


Step 7. This Window allow you to setup a “Alias name”  for the Google Calendar that you are connecting to. Also you can choose which color it should display with. This is very useful if you are connecting to multiple calendar. Setting the preferred color for your convenience.

Click next after you are done.


Step 8.  Click Finish.


Step 9. Now you can see Thunderbird is displaying all calendar events from your Google calendar.



This concludes the tutorial of Setup Google calendar with Thunderbird.