Thunderbird – Setup Lighting plugin for Thunderbird

Please note that Thunderbird plus lighting is only come with OpenOffice 2012 Pro and OpenOffice v4 Pro edition.

Lighting Plugin will provide you the Calendar feature. You can also configure lighting plugin to access Google Calender.

Here is a list of steps to install "Lighting plugin" within Thunderbird.

We are going to walk you through from inserting the disc to install thunderbird, to configure your email account and finally to install Lighting plugin.


Step1.   Insert the software disc to your DVD reader / burner.  The autorun menu should kick in. A browser windows should pop-up on your desktop as the screenshot below.


If you do not see this AUTORUN menu popup.

Please goto "MyComputer".  Browser to your DVD reader where you should see a file named "index.html".

Double Click on this file. You should see a browser window open as the screen shot above.

Following screen shots show you how to find the "index.html" file.





Step 2.  Navigate through the menu. Go to Installation tab.


Step 3. After click on the link to open file folder, you should see a screen as below.



Step 4. Double click on Thunderbird Setup 10.0.2 to run it.

If you do this right, you should see following screen. The setup window will pop up and waiting for your instruction.

Step 5.  Click next to keep going with installation.


Step 6.  When Thunderbird finishes install you should see this window.


Step 7. Set you email account.

After you click the finish button. You should see next window show up.

Now  we can process to the step to setup your email account.


Step 8. Enter you email account information.

Make sure that you enter your "email address" and "password" correctly. Click "continue" the setup will try to detect your mail server settings.


Step 9. 

In This window. It shows the server address it detects from previous "email address" you have entered.

Thunderbird did a pretty good job on detecting google gmail server setting.  It automatically detect that gmail support "IMAP" and "POP3" methods to access your email.

The difference between IMAP and POP3 is that when choose IMAP, Thunderbird will leave copies of emails on google's server.

While in POP3 mode, thunderbird will remove emails from the server after it download emails.


Step 10.

If all settings were correct. You should now see Thunderbird has display all your emails with folder structures at the left navigation panel.

All your emails are listing at right panel.



Step 11.   Now Let's install Lighting Plugin to enable calendar feature.

Go go menu command "Tools"  choose "Add-ons"


Step 12.

After choose "addons" in previous step. It will bring you to this window.


 Step 13. Click on the setting button it will show you a drop-down menu.  Choose "install add-on from file". Please refer to following screen shot.


Step 14.   You will see window pop up. Browse to your dvd reader and choose the folder – "files".



Step 15.

Find the file name "lighting-1.2.1-sm+tb-windows.xpi" and double click on it.


Step 16.  Now you will see a window pop up to confirm with you action.  Click install Now


Step 17.  After Thunderbird install the plugin it will ask you to restart the program.

Check the screen shot below.  Click on "Restart".


 Step 18.

After Thunderbird retart. You should see the calendar feature is active.

You can switch the view style between "Day, Week, Month"



This concludes setup lighting plugin for Thunderbird.

For any question. Please feel free to contact us.