Thunderbird Tutorial – How to import Outlook email / address book to Thunderbird??

  1. From the main Thunderbird window click on Tools and thenImport…

  2. Click on the Address Books radio button, then click on Next

  3. Click on Outlook and then click on Next

  4. If you get this error messages, you will need to launch Outlook and click on Yes when it asks if you want to set it as the default mail client. Go back step 3 and try again.

  5. If all went well , it will tell you that it was able to import the contacts successfully. Click on Finish to go back to the main Thunderbird window.

  6. Click on Address Book to view the imported contact information.

  7. There is now a new list called Contacts and in this list there are your Outlook contacts and distribution lists. Close this window to go back to the main Thunderbird window.

  8. To import email, click on Tools and the Import…

  9. Click on the Mail radio button and then click on Next

  10. Click on Outlook and then click on Next

  11. This will show a summary of all the messages that were imported. Click on Finish to go back to the mainThunderbird window.

  12. In the folder list on the left hand side there is now a Outlook Mail folder. In this folder you will find your imported messages.

This concludes the migration of setting from Microsoft Outlook