How to Convert Music from Vinyl to MP3 in Seven Easy Steps

This video will show you How to Convert Music from Vinyl to MP3 in Seven Easy Steps.

Things you will need:
Turntable Record Player
Stereo RCA Cables
Stereo RCA to 3.5mm stereo adapter
Soft, Lint-Free, Non-abrasive Cleaning Cloth
Audio Recording Software (Audacity, Adobe Audition, Etc…)

Step 1.
Connect your record player to your computer’s “Microphone In” port by using the Stero RCA Cables and RCA to 3.5mm Stereo adapter.

Step 2.
Enable microphone playback. In windows 7, this is done as follows:
Right click on the volume icon in the system tray
Select “recording devices”
Double click on your microphone
Click the “listen” tab
Check the check box next to “Listen to this device”
Click “Apply”

Step 3.
Remove the record from the sleeve and place it on the turntable, with the side you’d like to record facing up.

Step 4.
Clean the record by doing the following:
Using the cue function on your turntable to suspend the arm of the record player and move it until the turntable begins to rotate.
Fold the cleaning cloth into quarters and gently hold it against the record.
Be sure to hold it so it picks up dust, but not so hard as to prevent the turntable from rotating.

Not all record players have a cue button, so please consult your record player’s manual for instructions.

Step 5.
Open the audio recording software, make sure it is using your microphone input as it’s recording device, and press record.

Step 6.
Gently place the needle onto the “lead-in” of the record or, if you wish to only record a single track, of the track.

Step 7.
When the recording is finished, press stop in your audio recording software, and save the recording to an mp3.

Congratulations, You’ve just converted one of your favorite songs from an analog vinyl recording to a Digital MP3!