GIMP Support Page


This software is complete solution for all your Image Editing needs.  It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc.


Installation Instruction:

Place DVD in your optical drive.  Wait for AUTORUN feature to start.

You should expecting a browser page open up with a page address link to your optical drive.

For example the address in browser's address should look like file:///E:/index.html  (E: should represent as your CD/DVD-ROM drive letter)

If there is no AUTORUN after 10 seconds, please go to "My Computer" , open your CD/DVD Drive then run the "index.html" file directly.


Please Login to see the full support section and download the latest update.

Windows Installation:

Step1.   Insert the software disc to your DVD reader / burner.  The autorun menu should kick in. A browser windows should pop-up on your desktop as the screenshot below.


If you do not see this AUTORUN menu popup.

Please goto 「MyComputer」.  Browser to your DVD reader where you should see a file named 「index.html」.

Double Click on this file. You should see a browser window open as the screen shot above.

Following screen shots show you how to find the 「index.html」 file.



Mac Installation

(You can click on the picture to see the screenshot in large size)

Step 1:

Insert the DVD disc to your Mac.  Open finder to see content of the disc.



Step 2:

Browse to folder named "files".


Step 3:

Double click on the version matching your Mac OS X.  In this case we using Snow Leopard / Lion for example.

You should see the file being expanding and mounted for installation.


Step 4:

Drag and Drop GIMP to Program folder to install the software to you Mac.


That completes the installation for Mac OS X.


Please make sure you install the User Guide. You will find this through AUTORUN menu in "User Guide" page.

You can also download these user guide from following links:

User Guide for Windows Download Here

User Guide for Mac  Download Here

After you install the User Guide, you can access to the Guide by pressing [F1] key from software  window.


Video Tutorial:

GIMP Basics – Introduction – Beginner tutorial exercise

Check out more GIMP Tutorial Videos

Other Supporting Documents:


Software Installation File – Original Disc Release

User Guide for Windows Download Here

User Guide for Mac  Download Here

Bonus Files for Windows  Download Here

Bonus Files for Mac Download Here


Latest Software Update

Latest Windows version download:  GIMP Windows 2.8.6

Latest Mac OSX version download

Native Builds – Download GIMP 2.8

for 10.6 Snow Leopard  and 10.7 Lion  GIMP-2.8.2-SnowLeopard-Lion-x64

for 10.8 Mountain Lion GIMP-2.8.2-Mountain-Lion



Update Instruction:
Please make sure you have install the setup from original CD first before you install gimp2.6.12 on your system.