Camstudio V2 – Windows 7 64bits – Installation and recommended settings

In this video you will see how to install Camstudio V2 on Windows 7 64 bits.

You will also see  test recording to video file format and record to SWF flash video format.

What we have tested.

We have installed  Camstudio V2 program using "camstudio-v2.exe".

Then install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable.  (you can download from the link below)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Re-distributable Package (x32) is required to run CamStudio
Please download from following link:

From menu "Options" you can choose where to record audio or not to record at all.

Under Video Options you need to choose  compressor.  Using Video compressor "Microsoft Video 1"

Under "Program Options" you can choose which player to automatically play the "AVI file"  under "Play AVI file when recording stops".

Under "Directory for recording" choose custom folder. and choose your desktop or any simple path that you can use for the recording files.

We recommend to use "Desktop"  or under C:\Videos or D:\Videos.  Please create this folder first before you proceed with custom folder setting. In this case we are using "test videos" folder on desktop for easier demonstration.

We start recording full screen and using Firefox browser to watch a Youtube video stream and record it to AVI.

We also tested  recording  youtube stream to SWF flash video.

After recording stop, the software will launch Camstudio player to play the file.  For flash video it will launch the default web browser to play SWF file.

Please send inquiries to our support email if you have any question.

Thanks for watching.