Blender 3D FAQ – Generic 3D

  • What is Ray Tracing?
  • What is Radiosity?

What is Ray Tracing?

Ray tracing is the method of rendering an image where each ray of light is traced from its source, bouncing off certain objects and being absorbed by others, ultimately ending up at the viewers eye. The result is a good respresentation of how real light would act in the scene.


Ray tracing is particularily effective in creating realistic shadows and reflections. It’s largest drawback is the amount of processing required to create the image.

What is Radiosity?

Radiosity is a rendering method where each object will emit a small amount of colored light to the surrounding objects. The color is determined by the material of the object. This method imitates what happens in real life when a red ball is sitting on top of a white piece of paper. This method greatly enhances the realism in a scene.