OpenOffice Calc FAQ – File handling

  • How do I open a tab-delimited file in Spreadsheet? What if I have a different type of delimiter?
  • My formula from an Excel worksheet doesn’t work!
  • Is it possible to open a Microsoft Excel file that is protected by a password in Calc?
  • How do I insert external data into an existing Calc spreadsheet file?
  • Why does Calc refuse to open my .txt file?
  • How do I output my spreadsheet data as an ASCII, delimited text file?
  • A large Calc spreadsheet was converted from another application. Some of my rows are missing! What happened?

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OpenOffice Writer FAQ – Formatting Text

  • My spell-checker does not seem to work?
  • How do I change the default font?
  • How do I create a hanging indent in my document?
  • I want to insert special characters with keyboard shortcuts. How do I do this?
  • How do I insert a trademark symbol?
  • How do I create a simple outline-style numbered list?
  • How do I remove a large number of hard returns from text that were pasted into my document?
  • I change the font color, but it still looks black. Why?
  • How do I insert a special character?
  • The space between the letters in a word seems just a bit too wide. It would look better if that space is being reduced. How can I achieve this?
  • How do I protect (lock) a section of text so that the content cannot be changed?
  • How do I insert a ‘Euro’ character?
  • How to select multiple parts of the text?
  • How do I insert an unbreakable space?
  • Is there something like a Format Painter feature that copies the formats of one part of the text to other parts?
  • How do I setup the spell-checker to be the correct default for my language?
  • How do I insert a line break or soft return in a cell?

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OpenOffice Writer FAQ – Formatting Pages and Documents

  • How do I perform a word count of my document?
  • How do I make my first page a cover or title page and start page numbering (Page 1) on the second page of my document?
  • How do I change the page layout from Portrait to Landscape for an entire document?
  • How do I make a header appear on only the first page of my document?
  • How do I insert a Landscape page into my (portrait) document?
  • I have a blank page in my word processing document. How do I get rid of this extra page?
  • How can I change the default Page Style margins, so that when I start a new document the margins will be 1 inch?
  • How to delete a table?
  • How do I make a table heading row repeat on each page of my word processing document that the table appears on?
  • How do I get my page count to not count my title page? (How do I offset the page count?)
  • How can I change the page number of the first page of my document to something other than ‘1’?
  • How do I add my own templates?
  • How do I do revision marking (redlining) in
  • How do I make page numbers alternate?
  • How do I insert a variable for the current date into the footer of my document?
  • How do I change the default page size?
  • What is the best way to format my documents?
  • What is the equivalent of MSO outline mode in
  • What is a Master Document?
  • How do I insert a page number of the form ‘Page 1 of N’?
  • How do I join two adjacent tables?
  • How do I get a word count for a selected part of the text within a document?

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Open Office Writer FAQ – Document Management

  • How can I open Microsoft Works wordprocessor files (.wps)?
  • Can I edit PDF files?
  • How to open Microsoft Office 2007 documents?
  • How do I convert multiple documents to PDF?
  • Export
  • Can I publish my Writer text as a Blog?
  • How can I do a batch conversion of my MSOffice files into file formats?
  • Can multiple users edit a file concurrently?
  • Files created in other applications do not always display in OOo exactly as they did when they were created. What can be done about it?
  • Why does OpenOffice not support the file format my application uses?