NCH Copper POS How to configure Multiple Installation of Copper POS?


Copper POS can support multiple installation on different PCs (Terminals).

One of the installation has to be the “Server POS”, the other installations will be “Clients POS”


Step1: Configure Static IP for Server

Before we start changing the settings.

Please make sure the PC you would like to use as “Server” need to have a static IP address instead of DHCP.

There’s an article talk about how to set static IP for your computer. Please visit here.

Step2: Setup Server POS

Now we have the Server’s static IP address. We can then go ahead to change the settings for sync apps.






On the “Server POS” PC you will choose “Allow Copper to act as a server for other instllations of Copper”

You also need to setup “Access Authentication Code” which act as password and you will need this when setup the other “Client POS”

The Server POS setting is very simple. It should look something similar to the screenshot below.



Step 3: Setup Client POS

On Clients POS installation. You will go to the same “Sync Apps” setting.

This time we will choose “Synchronize this installation of Copper as a client of Inventoria or Copper”

The Access Authentication Code (password)  you will enter it which you setup this during step2: setup Server POS.

Enter in Server POS’s static IP address.